Our Laravel Admin Templates

You will find very clean, structured Laravel Blade template files. Reusable Blade
components, and a base for you to scaffold your own. Singleton Pattern on
Service Container, for messages and notifications.

Passing variables to Javascript or building the menu of the application? We've got you covered.
You will surely fall in love with the way things are organized.

You will also find a Starter Project, to get you going as quickly as possible!
If you prefer, you can of course add it to an existing project!
Bonus with VueJS Components scaffold, and Webpack compilation with Laravel Mix for you to decide.

Material Pro Admin Template
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Admin Pro Admin Template
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Other Amazing Features &
Flexibility Provided

12 Color Schemes

We have included 12 pre-defined color schemes with Elite Admin.

Dark & Light Sidebar

Included Dark and Light Sidebar for getting desire look and feel.

600+ Page Templates

Yes, we have 5 demos & 120+ Pages per demo to make it easier.

500+ UI Components

Almost 500+ UI Components being given with every admin theme.

Lots of Widgets

Wide range of Widgets are available with every admin theme.


Its been made with Laravel and full responsive layout.

3000+ Font Icons

Lots of Icon Fonts are included here in the package of every admin theme.

Fully Responsive

All the layout of every theme is Fully Responsive and widely tested.

SassBase CSS

Our Css is written Sass Base to make your life easier.

Easy to Customize

Customization will be easy as we understand your pain.

Lots of Chart Options

You name it and we have it, Yes lots of variations for Charts.

Mutiple File Uploads

You can upload multiple files with our Multiple selector.


What Real Buyers have to
Say about Laravel Admin Templates

I purchased this web kit hoping to spend more time coding database interactions rather than interface. All of my expectations have been met so far. This is a fantastic kit with everything I’ve needed. I love the modal window inputs and various calendar and time pickers. I used to do all this with seperate jquery and java scripts, but now it’s all built in. I’m working on two client projects using this kit and they love it.